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The Full Spectrum approach aims to enable you to become radically alive, find and follow your life purpose, and connect fully with yourself, life, nature and others.

Landa's sessions work on all levels of your being - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Combining coaching and counselling with a focus on the body and sensation, inner wisdom/intuition, mindfulness/presence, breath-work, energy work and release techniques offers a unique and transformative way of working.  She facilitates you in coming home to your body and releasing blocks, tensions, trauma and patterns that are held there, clearing away the emotional debris that weighs you down, bringing you into a sensual and pleasurable connection with Life, freeing your life force energy and offering you a gateway to finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.

Full Spectrum Living utilises a 7 stage map of human development.  This map gives us a tool for developing resources in each area of life so that we can embrace life, fully live and express ourselves authentically.  The map is the same for each person, but the journey will be unique.  We all contain certain aspects that make up a whole human being, but these have different strengths, challenges and balances and are expressed in different ways within each of us.  We are all uniquely the same.

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However you choose to work with Landa, she will meet you where you are; welcoming all of you, embracing it all, knowing that within each apsect that we long to develop rests it's opposite challenge and that each is a gift; by welcoming grief we open ourselves to greater love, by embracing death we can open fully to life, by confronting challenges we unearth our greatest gifts to the world.  By welcoming it all we can truly live a full spectrum life.  Landa will support you on your journey with her unique and diverse set of life skills, developed from her diverse and indepth trainings, her own life 
 challenges and the practices she has discovered to work with these.

Landa is a highly resourced life coach, bodymind therapist and advanced yoga, dance and meditation facilitator, with a rich tapestry of life experiences and trainings to draw from in guiding you on your life's journey; highly spiritual, yet grounded in the world with a balance of masculine and feminine qualities.  Her work is highly effective in helping you to develop your full potential, your passion and purpose, open your creativity, intuition and connection to life force energy, and develop presence, peace/strength of mind and connection to life and love.

She is trained to masters level in Business, a Thrivecraft Coach, bodymind therapist, energy and bodyworker, advanced tantra yoga, dance and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, business owner, business and personal development course developer/leader, author and mother.  She practices tantric living and conscious relating.

Her soul purpose is "To experience and understand the fullness of life and to inspire, support and resource others to live their full potential."  She is living her purpose and it is her joy to help you to do the same.

Landa Ananda Love

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